Following a Hollywood-Style Escape, Two New York Prisoners Are Still on the Run

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is offering a $100,000 reward for any info on the 2 prisoners that escaped a New York Maximum Security facility.

After a daring escape from New York’s Upstate Maximum Security Clinton State Prison, two prisoners are still on the run.

Governor Andrew Cuomo appeared on Good Day New York and said the dangerous duo hatched a plot straight out of a Hollywood pot boiler and he offered a $100,000 for information leading to their capture.

He said, “Our first order of business is to get these guys back because they are killers.”

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The Governor retraced the convict's daring route after they escaped. They used power tools to cut their way to freedom. A female guard is being questioned for her possible involvement in the escape. Cops also want to know if a private contractor working at the prison might have supplied the tools.

The prisoners left dummies in their beds to fool guards into thinking they were still asleep.

After cutting through a steel wall in the back of their cell, the pair scrambled down a six-story catwalk. Then, broke through a brick wall and cut their way into a steam pipe before slicing through a chain. They made their final getaway via a manhole cover outside the prison. The entire scene is like a real life reenactment of the classic escape from The Shawshank Redemption.

But these guys are no Hollywood heroes.

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Thirty-four-year-old David Sweat is serving a life sentence for killing a Deputy Sherriff.

Forty-Eight-year-old Richard Matt is described as a lady's man and is in prison after he dismembered his former boss. He sports a tattoo on his back that reads “Mexico Forever,” and the manhunt now extends from the Mexican border to Canada - which is only 20 miles away from the prison.

The killers even left behind a racially offensive drawing along with the taunting message “Have A Nice Day.”

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