One Man Performs The Same Dance Routine in 100 Different Places

Matt Bray was on a quest to perform the same dance in 100 different locations and inspire others to live their life to the fullest.

Matt Bray created a mesmerizing video performing the same dance routine in over 100 different places.

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Matt is living live to the fullest and crossing things off his bucket list and documenting it all on his Project One Life YouTube channel. They filmed the video in a week during five days driving to different locations with outfit changes.

This dance video is a sequel to “100 Days of Dance” which he posted last year and was viewed over seven million times.

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Matt tells INSIDE EDITION that learning how to dance was an item on his buck list but because he doesn't consider himself a good dancer just yet, he's leaving dancing unchecked from his list, so a trilogy will be in the future.

In 2014, he completed 25 bucket list items from singing in front of a crowd to kick flipping a skateboard and dozens more.

He has big plans for this year and we think his project is truly and inspiration to everyone!

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