'Officer of the Year' Suspended After Throwing Bikini-Clad Teen to Ground, Pulling Gun

A police officer who held a teen down and flashed his gun during a community pool party outside Dallas has been suspended.

There is growing outrage today over a video of a police officer throwing a bikini-clad teen to the ground, then pulling out his gun on the friends who ran to help her.

The drama began when a pool party at a community pool outside Dallas reportedly got out of control.

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Several of the police officers who responded showed restraint, saying, "Don't take off running when the cops get here."

But one cop apparently seemed to just lose it!

In the video, he said, "I told you to stay! Get your [expletive] down on the ground. You all make me [expletive] run around here with 30 pounds of [expletive] gear on in the sun because you want to screw around out here."

In the video posted to YouTube, the cop could be seen ordering the teens to leave. But when they didn't, he got mad and dragged one girl in a yellow bikini to the ground. She's just 15 years old!

She could be heard screaming, "Call my momma! Call my momma! Oh God!"

Her friends rushed in to help, and that was when he pulled his gun.

Now, many are saying this is another example of a white cop using excessive force on a black youth.

We asked Cheryl Dorsey, a retired Los Angeles Police Department sergeant, to analyze the tape. She told INSIDE EDITION, "It's a clear abuse of authority. This was really all about just intimidating the kids, all about making a point. He looks like a crazy person. He looks like someone who was just out of control. There's nothing that he could say, legitimately, that would justify the vulgarity and the excessive force that was used on the bikini-clad teenagers."

The girl's friend, Jadah Bakari, told INSIDE EDITION, "It felt like he was actually getting ready to hurt someone."

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The cop knelt on the girl's back and she pleaded with him to let her go.

He told her in the video, "You're going to jail if you don't knock it off."

"It hurts," she responded.

The cop, identified as Corporal Eric Casebolt of the McKinney Police Department, was placed on administrative leave. He's a ten-year veteran and was once named "Officer of the Year."

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