Aww! Cop Pops Question to His Girlfriend with Kindergarteners' Help

A police officer surprised his girlfriend by proposing while giving a presentation to her kindergarten class.

One young police officer was giving a presentation to his girlfriend's kindergarten class. She didn't know, but he was about to propose to her and the whole class was in on it.

Dain Metcalfe told INSIDE EDITION, "She's very smart and she's very clever, so, she would know if I'm up to something. So, I decided to do it on her birthday. That way, if she thought or heard something, it would actually just be about her birthday and not about the proposal."

With her eyes closed, the students marched in with a big sign asking the question: "Ms. Auika will you marry me?"

In the video, Dain said, "No words or actions can really convey how I feel about you, but I would love to spend every day for the rest of my life showing you exactly how much I love you. Will you please make me the happiest guy in the world?"

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Auika told INSIDE EDITION, "I looked down and I saw Dain and pretty much went into shock. I had no idea. He was so sneaky about it and they had been planning it for months."

Dain Metcalfe met his future bride, Auika, eight months ago. They're both from Hawaii but she teaches in Oregon. Dain flew there for the proposal.

Dain added, "All the girls, right away, they tuned in and they were watching it and there were a lot of 'awes' and sighs. And some of the boys are completely facing the wrong way and they're looking to the back of the classroom they could care less about what was happening."

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There were tears and hugs, but what about her answer?

Auika said, "It was instantaneous. It was just an automatic 'yes.'"

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