Sassy Tot Steals the Show Demanding 'Respect' at Dance Recital

An adorable six-year-old owned the stage during her dance recital and took Aretha Franklin's classic "Respect" to a whole new level.

Johanna, an adorable six-year-old, demanded some R-E-S-P-E-C-T during her tap dance recital.

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Johanna's mom, Elissa, told INSIDE EDITION that she's been dancing for the last four years and she had no idea that she was going to own the stage when she did her routine to the Aretha Franklin classic "Respect."

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Elissa posted the video of her daughter’s recital on Facebook and in just a few days it's already been seen by over 21 million people.

The North Carolina tot wasn't just dancing, she was sassing her way through the dance and parents couldn't be prouder.

Johanna truly has what it takes to steal the show and capture an audience. We can totally see performing being in her future!

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