Dr. Laura Ending Her Radio Show

After backlash over racial epithets on her radio show, Dr. Laura Schlessinger announced she is ending her talk show because she wants her "first amendment rights back."  INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A defiant Dr. Laura Schlessinger quits radio after that flap over her repeated use of the "N" word on the air.

Dr. Laura said on Larry King Live, "I've made the decision not to do radio anymore.  The reason is I want to regain my first amendment rights.  To imagine that there are people who refuse to accept an apology because they have an agenda and want me silenced.  I'm done with that, I'm just done with that."

The provocative talk radio host told Larry King that she won't renew her contract when it expires at the end of the year, but she's not retiring.

"I feel energized actually.  Stronger and freer to say that I believe need to be said.  I write books, I have blog, I have my website," said Dr. Laura.

Dr. Laura sparked a firestorm of controversy last week by using the racial epithet 11 times in 5 minutes while trying, she said, to make a point about racism.

On her radio show, Dr. Laura said, "Black guys use it all the time.  Turn on HBO.  Listen to a black comic, and all you hear is n-----, n-----, n-----."

On her radio show, Dr. Laura said, "I thought I was trying to be helpful.  I was trying to make a philosophical point, but I was wrong and I apologized."

A group that called for advertisers to boycott her show released this statement:

"Dr. Laura's radio career ended in disgrace tonight because of the bigoted, ugly and hateful remarks made on her show.  Americans have had enough." (Media Matters for America)

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Kathy Griffin, who also appeared on Larry King Live last night.

"She's a stupid bigot," said Griffin.

The Dr. Laura program is tied as the third most popular radio show in the nation, with more than 9 million listeners.  But she airs on half as many radio stations as she did at the peak of her popularity in the 1990's.

On Larry King Live, Dr. Laura said, "I am not going to be silenced."