Watch This Daredevil Gosling Make a Nailbiting Leap of Faith

A baby gosling took a giant jump off a cliff in Greenland which is part of a right of passage for the species.

Before goslings can fly, they typically have to take a leap of faith and jump to meet their parents at the bottom of a cliff.

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After just being born hours earlier, one barnacle gosling in Greenland had to make a nail-biting base jump over 400 feet to reach the grassy plains below where the newborn was nesting.

Miraculously, the little gosling appeared shaken up but survived the fall even after hitting many points on the cliff and rocks during its jump.

The video is part of Discovery's Life Story. The goslings undergo one of the most harrowing rites of passage of any creature on the planet when they jump or tumble down from the cliffs to reunite with their parents.

Barnacle geese nest hundreds of feet up to prevent predators from reaching them and they only way the parents can feed their young is by making the extreme decent.

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Discovery's Life Story is a six episode series that follows animals through various stages of life as they create the next generation. The show was filmed in 29 countries on six continents with over 1,800 hours of footage with some awe-inspiring animal footage from around the globe. New episodes air on Saturday, June 13th and June 20th on Discovery.

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