This Corvette Warehouse Could Be Worth Millions

One of the world's largest collections of Corvettes has been collecting dust, but it could be worth a fortune.

It might look like a junkyard, but one piece of land is one of the most amazing and comprehensive car collections in the world. 

It features 36 Chevy Corvettes -- One for each year starting in 1953.

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There are years of dust on these forgotten cars but there is treasure under all that dirt. The collection is estimated to be worth millions.

Corvette consultant Chris Mazzilli told INSIDE EDITION, "I have never heard of a collection of Corvettes more talked about than this particular collection." 

The cars have sat for 25 years in New York, gathering dirt and dust. But they're about to be reborn.

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Adam Heller and a group of friends and family members bought the lot from the previous owner. Restoring them could take up to two years. Some are further along than others.

And get this, all that dust? It actually protected the cars’ paint jobs.

Mazzilli said, "The dust that is on the cars actually helped protect the paint and the paint on some of these cars is amazing." 

A tuxedo black Stingray from 1964 is ready for the road after being brought back to its original glory.

Heller hopes they can sell the cars together and there's already a lot of interest. He said, "I am getting phone calls from everywhere in the world." 

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