Two Legged Puppy Gets Moving Thanks to 3D Printer

Scooter a two legged dog is given a chance to be mobile thanks to 3D printer advances.

Scooter the dog was born with just two legs and was adopted when she was only two months old by Tina Gans, who was determined to find a way for her pup to be mobile.

After a few attempts to make a cart for Scooter on their own, Tina connected on Facebook with the owner of another Texas pup named Bubbles, who was also born without his two front legs. His owner bought a 3D printer and created a cart with customized wheels which revolutionized Bubbles' mobility.

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Tina tells INSIDE EDITION that the owner of Bubbles offered to make Scooter wheels and a cart and donated it to them completely changing her dog’s ability to get around.

Tina has never even met Bubbles' owner before and he's been working with other dogs that were born without their front two legs to custom make carts for them using his 3D printer out of the goodness of his heart.

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It's so incredible to see how Scooter's life has been transformed with the advances of 3D printing.

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