Lawyer of Texas Cop Who Tackled Teen at Pool Party: Prior Suicide Calls 'Took an Emotional Toll on Eric Casebo

After Officer Eric Casebolt resigned from the force, more is being revealed what may have led to the pool party chaos.

All is quiet at the Texas pool today and is a sharp contrast to the pool party there that ended in the take-down seen around the world.

The police officer who pinned a bikini clad teenager on the ground has resigned but his supporters are claiming the full story of the pool party has yet to be told.

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Eric Casebolt's attorney says he was in an emotional state of mind having just responded to two suicide calls before he arrived at the pool.

In a press conference, his lawyer said, “He never meant to mistreat anyone. The nature of these two suicide calls took an emotional toll on Eric Casebolt. With all that happened that day, he allowed his emotions to get the better of him.”

The pool is situated right in the middle of a large subdivision known as Craig Ranch in McKinney, Texas, and is open only to area residents.

Strict pool rules clearly state: "If you wish to have a pool party, it must be limited to 20 people," and "Youngsters under eighteen have to be accompanied by an adult who lives within the area."

According to reports, more than 100 teenagers showed up on the day of the pool party and when they were denied entry to the pool, some climbed the fence.

Tatiana Rhodes was the organizer of the party and appeared on CNN with her family lawyer. Rhodes was asked, "Was it more people than you expected that came? Is that why the residents of the pool are upset?"

Her attorney said, "The more important issue is that the actions were inappropriate, there was excessive force." 

A flyer was passed around on social media that promised food, drinks and pool access. There was a bounce house and a professional DJ who was reportedly playing "loud rap music laced with offensive language."

When all Hell broke loose, cops rushed to the pool. That is when Officer Eric Casebolt made his dramatic entrance. Moments later, he took down the 15-year-old girl in a bikini leading to a chorus of outrage. 

His boss, McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley says his actions were indefensible, "He came to the call out of control and as the video shows, he was out of control during the incident."

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But some are coming to his defense, saying he felt threatened by the teenagers crowding around him.

Sean Hannity said, “Two guys come up right behind the cop, he see's them but he doesn't know what threat exists or doesn't exists. I think in that case, because it was so volatile, he felt threatened and I understand why he felt threatened."

One of the boys Casebolt pulled a gun on, Adrian Martin, was arrested and charged with evading an officer. He's also speaking out, saying, “My friend has his arm against me. He accidentally bumps into me and makes it appear that I’m lunging towards the officer. As soon as that happens, I back up and when he backs up, he draws his weapon. So, I started to run.”

The charges against Adrian Martin were dropped today.

Three thousand people live in Craig Ranch and the average income per household is $109,00. Here's the racial composition: 75% white, 12% Asian and 9% black

Meanwhile, the homeowners association is calling for calm, sending this appeal to the residents: "This is a peaceful, increasingly-diverse neighborhood. At this moment, we are asking our neighbors to take a deep breath and share a moment of solidarity."

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