Aunt Freaks Out Discovering Her Sister is Having Twins: 'Can I Keep One?'

When Kelly found out her sister was having twins, her amazing reaction surprised everyone.

Sisters Jillian and Kelly are extremely close and when Jillian found out she was expecting her third child, her sister wanted to come to the 20 week ultrasound appointment.

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Jillian and Shawn had a feeling they were having twins and it was confirmed before Kelly came into the room for what she thought was just the gender reveal.

Kelly was shocked with the news and Jillian tells INSIDE EDITION that her sister had always desperately wanted twins. They then all found out the genders together. Dad couldn't be more excited with the two boys and mom was speechless.

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Jillian and Kelly were pregnant together last year and their daughters were actually born just two weeks apart.

Kelly told INSIDE EDITION, "This is a joy of babies! The joy and the miracle of twins! She is having identical twins which is actually not a hereditary thing! It is totally a miracle!"

Jillian reflected on her sister's reaction, saying, "She is so excited. She is the person you want to tell this news to, always." 

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