Watch This Guy Prank His Girlfriend With an Epic Ketchup Bomb

Reuben and his girlfriend have been having a prank war for sometime now but his latest stunt had him laughing at his messy idea.

Reuben decided to play a prank on his girlfriend, Rebekah, by making a ketchup bomb.

He added baking soda to ketchup that was inside a container and made some fries. When she walked in and opened the ketchup container, it exploded all over her and all over the kitchen.

Reuben couldn’t stop laughing at the prank.

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We don't think even Reuben imagined that the ketchup explosion would make such a mess all over the walls and ceiling. But it didn't stop there; the UK couple has been going back and forth in some over the top pranks.

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Reuben is a local hip-hop artist and the couple tells INSIDE EDITION that the pranking just started growing. They originally recorded them for their own amusement and to show family but after a few months they are shocked they have gone viral when they posted them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Rebekah says she doesn't think it'll end anytime soon as they both live in constant fear wondering when the next one is coming.

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