Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgeon May Have Been Texting While Driving

Celebrity plastic surgeon Frank Ryan, who treated Gary Busey, Janice Dickinson, and Heidi Montag, may have been texting while driving before the car crash that killed him. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Stunning details are emerging about the tragic death of celebrity plastic surgeon Frank Ryan, who shot to fame by performing ten procedures on Heidi Montag in a single day.

Celebrity publicist Charmaine Blake was Ryan's ex-girlfriend. She says minutes before his death, the doctor twittered a photo of his dog Jill, along with the caption: "Border collie jill surveying the view from atop the sand dune."

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asks her, "Do you think it's possible that he was texting while driving?"

"Anything is possible because I don't think he would just run off a cliff like that," Blake says.

At the spot where Dr. Ryan drove off the cliff, there is no guard rail and it's a 25-foot drop to the rocks below. If he was in fact texting while driving, he couldn't have picked a worse place to do it.

The dangers of texting while driving have received attention worldwide, and have been featured in public service ads and feature films.

In the film Seven Pounds, Will Smith's texting at the wheel cost his fiancée her life.

"Texting or talking on your phone while driving is as dangerous as driving drunk!" Oprah Winfrey said on her talk show.

Winfrey is so passionate about the issue that she persuaded nearly 400,000 Americans to sign a pledge promising never to use the phone while driving, including INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville.

Meanwhile, friends and relatives gathered in Los Angeles for a sunset candlelight vigil in memory of Dr. Ryan. Celebrities in attendance included actor Gary Busey and TV personality Janice Dickinson.

"He was my friend, he was our friend, and we will miss him," Dickinson told INSIDE EDITION.

According to a study released by AAA, 2/3 of dog owners admit to driving while petting or playing with their dogs. AAA says it's a major distraction that could be deadly.