Mom Defends 6-Year-Old Son Joining in on Walmart Brawl: My Son Doesn't Back Down

Amber Stephenson, one of the women in the Walmart brawl that went totally viral, tells INSIDE EDITION that her son's behavior was justified.

One of the women involved in a jaw-dropping Walmart brawl is now speaking out.

She is the dark-haired woman in the fight, and now she's been fired from her job as a dental assistant.

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"My co-workers found the video on YouTube and that's the first time I had watched it," she told the Smiley Morning Show.

Amber told INSIDE EDITION that her boss informed her that he didn’t need this kind of attention and let her go.

It was Amber who shockingly urged her six-year-old son, Johnnie, to hit the lady she got into a fight with.

"Johnnie, punch her in the [expletive] face,” she’s heard saying in the video.

Calling into the Smiley Morning Show, Amber said the fight started after she heard the apparently disabled woman, who was riding the scooter, arguing with a Walmart employee in a crowded aisle.

“In my defense for the employee, I walked by and asked if she was miserable with her life, and that's when she decided to roll her supposedly crippled [self] down there and jump out of the chair," she she told the Smiley Morning Show.

But what people still can't believe is how her son got involved.

"I don't care about you dummy," he's heard saying in the video. "Yeah do something, do something about it." What are you gonna do?"

He hit the other woman with a shampoo bottle, kicked her and got angry when a customer told him to stop it.

"I'm not playing, you can't tell me to stop," said the little boy.

"Good. You're gonna go to little boy jail," said the customer. "Hey, don't kick! He just kicked her in the head."

Johnnie replied, "Don't even tell me what to do."

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Amber defended her son, saying he takes martial arts classes.

“And they teach him, you don't back down," she told the Smiley Morning Show.

Even though he went wild with the shampoo bottle, Amber said her son is a good boy. She was in Walmart to buy Johnnie a new television set.

"My son has been a straight-A, honor roll student all year, his kindergarten year. He is the teacher’s pet. He's in a Christian private school. My son is raised perfectly right,” she said.

It wasn't lost on Amber that no one intervened.

“No one jumped in, no one tried to help, no one tried to pull my son back," she said.

On the tape, you here bystanders decide not to get involved, concerned about a potential lawsuit.

And if you thought this was Amber’s first time in the ring, think again.

“Is this the first time you've been in a fight?” the Smiley Morning Show asked her.

“Um, no," said Amber.

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