Watch: Screaming Mom Puts on Garden Gloves, Catches Snake in Kid's Bedroom

When one family got back from vacation, they found an unexpected guest inside their home – and mom jumped in to take care of business.

There's a snake in the house!

A family just back from vacation returned home, only to discover a snake had moved in.

"There's the snake," the dad said on a video.

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The family cat, Rascal, bravely set forth to do battle with the invader, but backed away.

This is clearly a job for mom! Chareva Naughton donned garden gloves and went in for the grab. She screamed loudly, trying to grab the snake.

So, where's dad? He's behind the camera - and he can't stop laughing!

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Mom finally caught that slimy serpent. "Open the door!" she said to a family member, and tossed the snake outside, hopefully, never to return again.

Mom still had one freakout left in her, and screamed after letting go of the snake.

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