LeBron James' Wardrobe Malfunction Has NBA Fans Talking

Even though LeBron James crashed into TV cameras during game 4 of the NBA Finals, it was his wardrobe malfunction everyone is talking about.

It's the LeBron James moment everyone is talking about -- No, it was not the scary moment when the NBA superstar slammed his head into a TV camera during Thursday night's NBA Finals game.

It was another moment when James accidentally exposed himself on live TV for the entire world to see.

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It happened during the pre-game huddle but the wardrobe malfunction immediately went viral.

“Am I the only one that just saw LeBron James flash mini-James?,” said one tweet.

Now, back to James’ other rough moment – which was when we went crashing into that TV camera at courtside.

It took a few minutes to stop the bleeding but James kept right on playing despite the nasty cuts you can see on his head.

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His Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Golden State Warriors.

Another moment that also went viral showed James’ mom comforting him on the bench after the head injury.

But it can't compare to the star’s wardrobe malfunction that broke the internet.

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