Fly Lays Eggs in Model's Leg

INSIDE EDITION talks to a young model who was horrified to find out that what she thought was a simple bug bite, turned out to be insect eggs in her leg!  

A young model found herself at the center of a medical horror story.

She thought the lump on her leg was a simple bug bite, but it turned out a fly had laid eggs inside her body!

Model Kerry Schwartz won the VH1 dating reality Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair, starring Frank Maresca in his efforts to find a girlfriend.

Schwartz told INSIDE EDITION, "My initial reaction was like, oh my god, I have insects in my leg!"

When Schwartz noticed a red spot on her thigh, she thought it was a bug bite that would go away. But it got bigger and more painful.

"I'm getting really crazy pains, and it's to the point where I can't walk any more," said Schwartz.

The pain wasn't the only thing that concerned her. Schwartz told INSIDE EDITION, "I said, 'I feel like something is moving in my leg!' "

Schwartz went to the emergency room, where a doctor cut open the lump.

Schwartz recounted, "He said, 'Oh my god, you're not gonna believe what's inside your leg.' I was like, 'Ok, please tell me,' and he said, 'It looks like you have some kind of larvae or some kind of insect eggs inside.' "

Schwartz was nauseated as emergency room staff removed the eggs.

"Feeling them taking out stuff is just like the worst feeling in the world," said Schwartz.

Doctor Doris Day, a New York dermatologist, thinks the fly may have gotten in through a cut or shaving nick.

"If that fly is in the right stage of its life cycle, it may, under rare circumstances, decide to lay its eggs in that site," said Day.

Schwartz showed INSIDE EDITION the wound and said, "As you can see, it's still pretty infected."

She is grateful the fly eggs didn't actually hatch, but she's haunted by her experience, saying, "It's absolutely disgusting, I can't sleep at night!"