Wow! Women Bare Post-Baby Bods in Beautiful Photos with Babies

Moms are showing off their beauty in a new photo collection called 'Perfect Imperfections.'

Moms are showing their beauty in a unique by displaying their imperfections in a new photo series.

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Photographer Neely Ker-Fox created “Perfect Imperfections” to celebrate moms and urge women to proudly embrace their post-baby bodies.

The new moms posed in their underwear and display their stretch marks, stomachs and scars while joyfully embracing their children.

“Something in my heart says I just want to build people up and I want there to be this acceptance of everybody’s differences. Our differences are what make us unique,” Neely said.

Neely wasn’t just behind the camera she also posed for the images as part of her project. The mom of two told INSIDE EDITION that she came up with the idea after struggling with her own body image.

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Neely added, “The main message is creating a dialogue to talk about what’s perceived as normal and what’s perceived as beautiful. Not just in motherhood, not just in women, not just as men. It’s just about loving other people and encouraging other people to no longer see these things as flaws and imperfections just these beautiful unique qualities that make us who we are.”

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