'Jurassic World' Breaks Box Office Records - So, Why Was Star Bryce Dallas Howard Crying?

'Jurassic World' broke box office records with the biggest opening in history but the movie's star Bryce Dallas Howard was in tears on 'Conan.'

Jurassic World roared into theaters this weekend scoring the biggest box office opening in history!

The movie has grossed a record breaking $511 million worldwide in just five days. Just in the U.S. alone it has grossed $307 million.

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So, why is one of the movie's stars, Bryce Dallas Howard in tears on Conan? Was she having a breakdown?

Don't worry, Ron Howard’s daughter was just showing off how she can cry on cue. To prove it, Bryce told Conan to bring up any subject.

She said to him, “It can just be small talk, it doesn't matter.”

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Conan then began to come up with a story about going to Home Depot and discussed what he does when he goes there. As he told his story, which wasn’t sad at all, tears from Bryce’s eyes began to flow and the actress proved her skill in front on his audience.

Conan and his side-kick Andy Richter were stunned by her talent.

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