Prison Worker Joyce Mitchell Says The Escapees Planned to Kill Her Husband

Prison employee Joyce Mitchell has been charged in helping two inmates escape prison and revealed the plan they had to kill her husband.

Disgraced prison employee Joyce Mitchell is in shackles and prison stripes as she was charged with assisting those two escaped convicts who fled 10 days ago.

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She wore a bulletproof vest --a sign of the anger many citizens feel about her in Upstate New York.

Mitchell reportedly told investigators she planned to meet the pair at a power station after they emerged from the manhole just yards from the prison in the Shawshank style break-out.

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The Daily News reports that the prisoners intended to drive to Mitchell’s house to kill her husband.

Mitchell apparently got cold feet and checked herself into the hospital with a panic attack the night of the escape.

She reportedly told investigators the trio planned to drive for seven hours but she didn’t know the destination. They could be as far south as Philadelphia or if they headed north they could be in Canada, around Quebec City.

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