Watch The 7 Craziest Moments Caught on Camera This Year

From the little girl who saved her baby brother from a kidnapping to boiler explosions and floods, these are the 7 most insane moments caught on camera.

They are heart stopping images all caught on tape in the first half of 2015. Here are seven videos that captured our attention, so far. 

1. In one video that had everyone talking, a boiler exploded in a family's basement playhouse outside Seattle.

The terrifying video was caught by the homeowners. Luckily, no one was injured.

2. Talk about amazing siblings - kids helped stop a kidnapper in the act. An eight-year-old girl and her 10-year-old brother chased a kidnapper down the street after he allegedly snatched their baby brother from a nearby park.

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The kidnapper was so spooked that he put the little guy down.

3. Raging floodwaters busted into a house as a terrified family was trapped upstairs. They watch helplessly while the water raised toward them, as the Blanco River in Texas burst its banks and roared into their living room.

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4. Those catastrophic floods also lead to a driver trapped in a white SUV being swept away by the massive floods. Somehow, the driver, who's 71, managed to climb out and escape.

5. One video showed a traffic stop in Florida that took a horrifying turn. The driver sped away, dragging a cop and leaving him writhing in agony.

Then, a car pulled over and a teenager leapt out to see if she can help. It is then that she makes a stunning discovery that the injured cop is her own father. Officer Kerstin Tatro recovered after three days in the hospital.

6. Then, there was jaw-dropping video of a plane crash in Taiwan.

A car's dashboard camera catches the last desperate moments of the flight. The wing clipped a taxi cab, and then smashed into the guardrail before plunging into a river.

7. The road rage incident that went viral when a furious driver smashed another driver's window with a single punch.

Edge-of-your-seat moments and we're only half way through 2015!

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