How the Dallas Police Attack Shooter Got a 'Zombie Apocalypse Assault Vehicle'

James Boulware purchased an assault vehicle online to attack police in Dallas. It was easier than you might think.

Startling new details have emerged about an armored vehicle used in the 'shoot-'em-up' at Dallas Police Headquarters.

Deranged gunman James Boulware rammed a cop car then took off like nothing had happened.

Incredibly, the vehicle was once owned by a local sheriff's department in South Carolina before being decommissioned and sold.

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An ad selling the same vehicle was recently posted by a used-truck company in Georgia, calling it a "Zombie Apocalypse Assault Vehicle."

It was "armor plated" and had "convenient gun ports" and "bullet-proof windows," the listing said.

Boulware bought the vehicle on eBay for $8,250 on June 7, just five days before the Dallas shootout.

Turns out, armored vehicles just like the one used in Dallas are available for sale everywhere, and it's perfectly legal.

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We found a similar vehicle, and the owner of the armored vehicle won't sell to the general public and it is clear why. The side-windows are bullet-proof and there are slots all around the vehicle from which one can fire weapons.

How easy is it for a deranged gunman to get his hands on such a formidable vehicle?

Stephen Lang is a former automotive auctioneer. He says, "It's exceptionally easy. If you want to get an armored vehicle in this day and age you can get it a lot easier than you can get a firearm. You can sell it to somebody who can be a little bit crazy, there's no law against that."

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