Stanley Cup Makes Late Entrance to Final Amid Floods

Wild weather in Chicago forced the Stanley Cup to arrive late after the Blackhawks became the new NHL champions.

The famous Stanley Cup made a dramatic and delayed entrance Monday night after the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Tampa Bay Lightning to become the new NHL champions.

The reason for the hold-up? Horrific weather in the windy city. There was even a tornado warning! Eerie sirens rang out across the city.

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When the championship game started, the legendary Stanley Cup was being held at a local hotel. A police escort raced it to the arena, but the downpour made travel treacherous.

Published reports claim the convoy hit 100 miles per hour, and the trophy was still not there when the game was over.

Jubilant fans could tell there was a hold-up of some kind.

Finally, the trophy arrived backstage. An official clutched it securely in white-gloved hands. It was then brought out onto the ice and the party was on. One player even put his baby inside the cup!

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One fan asked online, "How is it the Stanley Cup is late? Over twenty-thousand people make it on time."

The NHL says the cup was "late due to flooding on the roads."

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