Secret White House Party with Prince Discovered when Guest Tweeted

The Obamas are raising eyebrows after hosting a bevy of A-listers at a secret White House party over the weekend.

The First Family hosted a super-secret bash at the White House for 500 A-list guests over the weekend with Stevie Wonder and Prince performing for two hours!

David Nakamura of The Washington Post told INSIDE EDITION, "You had major celebrities, influential people, coming to the White House to spend time with the President of the United States and the general sense from the media is that the public has a right to know who that is."

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The party might have remained a secret but for a tweet by Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson, who wrote, "Dancing at the White House to Prince and Stevie Wonder with my lady @Ciara. Thanks Mr. President and First Lady."

MSNBC Host Al Sharpton also couldn't keep the secret long, tweeting: "Leaving the White House party with POTUS and FLOTUS. Unbelievable experience."

The Today show's Al Roker was among the lucky guests, but he only spoke about it after word got out, saying, "Got to watch the First Lady and the President get down, but to see Prince and then Stevie Wonder together performing - it was unbelievable!"

"How did you get invited?" asked Carson Daly.

Roker joked, "I don't know, I think it was a mistake."

Other guests included Tyler Perry, Halle Berry, James Taylor, Jon Bon Jovi, Gayle King, and Angela Bassett.

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White House Spokesman Josh Earnest defended the secrecy surrounding the party and claimed the President and First Lady paid for it out of their own pockets.

He said, "The President and First Lady can reserve the right to host a private party at the White House."

Nakamura added, "The Obama administration has stated publicly that their goal is to be the most open and most transparent administration ever, and the press corps is holding them to account on that."

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