Cops: "Soccer Mom Burglar" Picks the Wrong House

A woman cops call the "Soccer Mom Burglar" was arrested in July in a string of robberies in upscale neighborhoods. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

They call her the "Soccer Mom Burglar."  She's a neatly-dressed woman who cops say fit right in as she targeted homes in upscale neighborhoods.

But authorities say one day she chose the wrong house. The owner installs security cameras for a living, and the video he recorded led to her downfall.

Kevin Olson had left his home near Gainesville, Georgia for the weekend.

"She's just walking around like a realtor or a soccer mom.  You wouldn't suspect her of being a burglar," said Olson.

His sophisticated security cameras were set up to send pictures to his cellphone if there was an intruder.  Sure enough, he got the alert.

"I knew right away it was a burglar," said Olson.

He arrived home too late to stop the burglary.  But when he checked his cameras, he had everything on tape.

The woman pulls up and parks in front of Olson's house, and then wanders around to see what she can find.  She is oblivious to the cameras watching her every move.  Another camera catches her as she heads around to the side of the house. She's also being recorded on a third camera at the back of the house.  And yet another camera catches her as she climbs into a basement window.

A couple of minutes later, clutching Olson's laptop, she leaves in a big hurry.

"You can see she's on a full run, in her skirt, with her nice shoes on," said Olson.

Then she climbs in her car and drives off.

Olson turned the video over to police, who say they were able to track the woman down through her car.

Rhonda Faye Rollinson was arrested in July. She didn't look quite so soccer-mom-like when she appeared in court, charged with a string of burglaries.

And in a weird twist, the alleged thief lives right by the corner of Cash and Credit!

Now Olson has a message for the accused soccer mom burglar.

"Hopefully she realizes that whenever you're doing something wrong, sooner or later it catches up with you," said Olson.

Police say they recovered about $5,000 in cash, guns and computers at the suspects home.