Blind Teen with Cerebral Palsy on Singing National Anthem at NBA Finals: 'It Was Flipping Awesome'

Before Golden State Warriors ended their 40 year NBA Championship drought, 19-year-old Marlana Vanhoose stunned the world with the national anthem.

The 40 year drought is over -- the Golden State Warriors are the top team in the NBA.

They beat the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James 105-97 and took the series four games to two inside the Cavs court. In Oakland, thousands of fans poured into the streets to celebrate the team’s first championship since 1975.

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Before tip-off, Marlana Vanhoose stunned the world when she sang the national anthem before the Warriors big win on Tuesday night. Marlana is 19-year-old who has been blind since birth and was later diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

Watch her sing R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" for INSIDE EDITION:

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We're sure goosebumps were felt by everyone listening to the Kentucky teens amazing rendition. INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian spoke to Marlana who was still excited by the crowd's reaction following her performance.

She said, "I was so pumped up! I was loud and proud! It feels so flipping awesome!"

Marlana discovered her voice when she was only 10-years-old and this isn't her first time performing during sporting events. Compared to some of the stars performances we think she nailed it.

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