12 Days Missing: Authorities Admit Uncertainty Over Escaped Prisoners Location

Almost two weeks since 2 killers broke out of prison, authorities are saying they have no idea where they could be.

Prison break day 12 and the trail has gone cold.

Authorities admit they have zero idea where those two violent escaped killers might be. Prison worker Joyce Mitchell is accused of helping Richard Matt and David Sweat break out of the prison and of is believed to of having sexual relations with both men.

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Meanwhile, Joyce Mitchell’s husband, Lyle, visited his wife in jail for the first time. The two spoke for an hour with a glass partition between them. She was said to be “Distraught. Upset and very weepy" during the visit.

Joyce's lawyer told reporters that her husband was still standing by her.

But Lyle’s lawyer said, “nothing could be further from the truth." he also quoted his client as saying, "there's no way I’m standing by her."

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It looks as if these two have a lot to talk about.

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