How This New App Alerts You of Shopping Deals in Your Area

A new app from RetailMeNot will send an alert to your phone about what stores are having deals and can help you save money.

INSIDE EDITION’s Diane McInerney headed out shopping in New York City with Trae Bodge, RetailMeNot Sr. Lifestyle Editor, to find out about a new app that everyone is talking about from that is making shopping easier. 

The app finds deals for you using GPS technology.

McInerney asked Bodge, “How easy is it to use?”

She replied, “It is so easy to use. It is free for Android or your iPhone, you just download it and its right there. It uses the GPS on your phone to alert you to deals right nearby.”

McInerney then asked, “Will it alert you that there's a discount in that store?”

“It absolutely will. You walk by that store and you get a little cha-ching and you know there is a deal right there,” said Bodge.

McInerney asked, “What can the average shopper save?”

“On average, shoppers can save $20 per transaction, so, it is so worth using the app while you are shopping,” Bodge said.

“What kind of deals can we find here?,” asked McInerney.

“Here we are at Sunglass Hut. We all need a new pair of sunglasses for summertime. So, if you spend $100 you get $20 off and if you spend $200 you get $50 off,” Bodge mentioned.

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McInerney asked, “What kind of deals are popping up here?

Bodge gave another example, “So, at JCPenney if you spend $25 you get $10 off and at Aeropostale they are having 20% off in store. At Macy’s, they are offering 15 to 20% off on Father's Day deals.”

"Wow! That's an incredible savings,” McInerney declared. is making shopping easier and saving you big bucks at the same time.

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