Joyce Mitchell's Husband Visits Her in Jail, Claims: I Am Not Standing By My Wife

Joyce Mitchell's husband visited her behind bars.

He's not forgiving her. Lyle Mitchell is the husband of prison worker Joyce Mitchell, accused of helping those two cold-blooded killers escape from prison. He said, "There's no way I am standing by her."

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Lyle visited her in jail for the first time since her arrest, and she was reportedly "weepy and distraught."

Joyce's attorney continues to claim he is standing by her. "He's standing by her. That's what he told me when I spoke to him," said her lawyer.

But that's not what Lyle's attorneys say. His fury is understandable. His wife reportedly had sexual relations with both Richard Matt and David Sweat, who allegedly plotted to have him killed after they made their getaway, according to prosecutors.

New York State police released artist's impressions of what the two escapees may look like after nearly two weeks on the run. In the depiction, Matt has grown a beard.

The allegation that Joyce carried on her affair in a maximum-security prison is shocking many.

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Michael Alig, who served 17 years in the same upstate New York prison, told INSIDE EDITION it happens a lot. "It's not a secret in prison," he said.

He said prisoners often use, of all places, a meat locker for trysts. "The freezers in the mess hall are very common because they are in all the facilities and they lock. There's only one way in and there are no windows," he said.

"Any empty offices in the administration building, phone booths in the yard...In the winter time, they actually make igloos in the yard because the snow sometimes gets six or seven feet high," he said.

Joyce has pled not guilty. She is said to spend much of her time in her jail cell, crying uncontrollably over the turn her life has taken.

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