Adorable Baby Rhino Orphans are Loving Life After Being Saved

Two rhino orphans in South Africa have become the best of friends after being rescued by a wildlife foundation that serves to protect endangered animals.

PJ and Monty are baby orphan rhinos that were recently saved by the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation in South Africa and they couldn't be happier. The duo loves to play together and run around practicing charging at people -- playfully of course!

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PJ lost his mother after she was poached for her horn and Monty was rejected by his mother. The two wouldn't have survived without the help of a widlife vet, Dr. Johan Marais and his team Saving the Survivors. 

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation raised enough funds to supply the baby orphans with over 400 pounds of milk powder and the organization supports other rhino sanctuaries that are in need of milk. 

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Bruiser, another orphaned rhino struggled with separation anxiety but has recently found comfort from a goat and the two are now best of friends.

The nonprofit raises awareness for animals in Africa which are being exploited by illegal trafficking, poaching and unethical over-hunting. Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation currently has a 'Got Milk' campaign to help provide milk for baby rhinos. For more information, click here.

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