Watch a Woman Lift a Taxi in an Epic Parking Meter Prank

It is not everyday you can pull the wool over the eyes of New Yorkers but one prank had many standing in their tracks.

Some unsuspecting New Yorkers couldn't believe their eyes when they saw what looked like a parking meter attendant give someone a ticket and then lift up the car with her bare hands when the driver refused to move his car!

Thinkmodo, a marketing company, was actually the brains behind this viral video for, which is a social network for buying and selling cars.

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Michael Krivicka from Thinkmodo tells INSIDE EDITION that they hired Jenni, an actress and comedian to play the meter attendant and they had a stunt man play the driver in case anything went wrong. They removed the car's engine and transmission, and weight was added to the back to make the car work like a see-saw.

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Thinkmodo was also behind the famous “Devil Baby Prank” in 2014 that was seen by over 51 million people.”

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