Little Girls' 'Frozen'-Inspired Softball Team Will Melt Your Heart

One girls softball team took their love of 'Frozen' and turned it into award winning photographs.

Betsy Gregory, a photographer and mother came up with the idea to start an Oklahoma girls softball team inspired by the Disney film Frozen because the kids love the film so much. She posted the photos to her Facebook page and people are loving them. 

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The team calls itself "Freeze" and they have perfectly themed uniforms. The girls, ages four to seven, approached the season as a fun way to get some softball experience and look cute at the same time.

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As the season went on, Betsy dreamed for a Team Elsa picture. They first took a traditional photo and then had a little fun putting some eye black on the girls. Betsy tells INSIDE EDITION that the day of the photos was one of the hottest days in Oklahoma and after a test shots and silly faces they got the perfect winning shot.

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