Brian Williams Breaks Silence On NBC Suspension: 'It Has Been Torture'

Brian Williams spoke out for the first time about his actions that caused him to be suspended from NBC and his return to TV.

Brian Williams says he's sorry in his interview with the Today show’s Matt Lauer; he broke his silence for the first time since he was suspended last February.

He said, "I said things that weren't true." 

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Lauer asked, “What have these past five months been like for you?"

Williams replied, “It has been torture. Looking back, it has been absolutely necessary.”

Lauer asked, “Did you give thought to going on the air and saying ‘I lied?’

“I know why people would see it that way. That's not the way it happened. What happened is the fault of a whole host of other sins. What happened is clearly part of my ego getting the better of me. To put myself in a better light,” Williams declared.

It was announced on Thursday that Brian Williams will not be returning to the anchor chair. But he will remain with NBC and shifting to the network's all-news cable network, MSNBC. At MSNBC Williams will anchor breaking news and special reports.

Williams told Lauer, “It had to be me trying to make myself better, sharper, getting myself closer to the action.” He also said, “I own this. I own up to this. I should be held to a higher standard.”

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Williams visited NBC News' offices in New York and Washington on Thursday to apologize to co-workers in person. He will begin his new role in mid-August.

It's a big step back for Williams who skyrocketed to news stardom as a MSNBC anchor way back in 1996. Lester Holt, who has been filling in for Williams will now assume the role full time.

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