Brian Williams Spotted Out with Daughter on Father's Day Weekend After On-Air Apology

The anchor was out strolling with his daughter, actress Allison Williams, after breaking his silence for the first time since he was suspended.

Disgraced former NBC news anchor Brian Williams spent the day before Father's Day with his daughter, actress Allison Williams.

Allison posted photos of herself and her dad on her Instagram account on Father's Day, with the caption, "Greatest man, and dad, U know...Thanks for being the Atticus to my Scout."

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Williams apologized on the Today show Friday, breaking his silence for the first time since he was suspended last February. He said, "I said things that weren't true." 

Matt Lauer asked him, “Did you give thought to going on the air and saying, ‘I lied?’

“I know why people would see it that way. That's not the way it happened. What happened is the fault of a whole host of other sins. What happened is clearly part of my ego getting the better of me. To put myself in a better light,” Williams declared.

Starting in August, Williams will anchor special reports and breaking news for MSNBC. Lester Holt, who's been filling in for Williams, will now get the job full-time.

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The Today show congratulated Holt on his new gig and surprised him with a special cameo by his wife, Carol, and sons Cameron and Stefan, a news reporter in Chicago.

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