Watch This Little Kitten Stare Down a Mountain Lion Without Flinching

Separated only by a pane of glass from a mountain lion, a small cat doesn't budge in this video that's gone completely viral.

It's cat versus mountain lion! Only a thin pane of glass separated one cat from the nasty predator.

The lion clawed at the glass to try to get at the little kitty, but the cat didn't even flinch.

Comedian Tom Mabe is the guy who shot the amazing video. He was staying at a friend's house in Colorado.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "It even looked back at me, like, 'Are you seeing this? Look at this, there's a mountain lion out here!'"

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"There has been a lot of spottings of cougars and mountain lions in the area, but a cat has never come up to their back deck like that," he added.

Comic that he is, Tom couldn't resist pranking his worried wife. She asked him, "Where are the kids?"

He responded, "They're out back."

"Tommy, are you kidding me!" she exclaimed. 

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"Shh, you're gonna scare the cat. They're still in bed," he joked.

She responded, "That is not funny. You about gave me a heart attack."

Sounds like the mountain lion's not the only one ready to pounce!

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