Man Faced Charges for Yard Filled with Junk

A Florida man faced charges for having too much junk in his yard.  INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Imagine living next door to a front yard filled with junk! The yard of Robert Biel's Florida home is crammed with cars, trailers, and boats of all sizes. Spare parts are scattered everywhere.

Biel was facing a possible five-year prison sentence because he wouldn't clean up his yard.

"I don't have to clean my yard. That's the thing, my yard doesn't need to be cleaned," Biel told INSIDE EDITION.

For six years, 55-year-old Biel says he has been at war with county officials. Biel feels that since his neighborhood is commercially zoned, his yard isn't hurting anybody.

"That's why God made your neck turn, you know, and swivel. If you don't like what you see over here, maybe you should look over there," said Biel.

The standoff between Biel and Brevard County in Florida escalated after an enforcement agent was sent to investigate and captured an altercation with the agitated homeowner on video.

The video led Biel to receive an assault charge.  

County Code Enforcement Manager Bobby Bowen has been battling Biel to clean up his yard.

"He misplaces the blame. He blames everybody but himself," said Bowen.

The case of the junkyard neighbor went to court, and a jury convicted Biel of misdemeanor assault and felony dumping.

"They read the rules one way, I read them another. But I don't think it should be this," Biel said, holding up his cuffed hands.

In November, Robert Biel was setenced to six months in jail.