Brave Girl Who Lost Arm to Shark Shares First Photos from Hospital

A 12-year-old girl who lost her arm in a North Carolina shark attack shares exclusive photos with INSIDE EDITION.

The brave 12-year-old girl who lost her arm in a shark attack in North Carolina is sharing the first photos of her in her hospital room.

You can see where her arm was severed in the images. Her foot, which was severely bitten, is in a protective boot.

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In one photo, Kiersten Yow gave a broad smile, comforted by her teddy bear.

Yow was attacked on June 14.

One caller from the incident said, "There's a girl whose hand has been bitten off by a shark."

Another said, "We need an ambulance right away."

A 16-year-old boy, Hunter Treschl, lost his arm on the same beach just 90 minutes later.

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Treschl was released from the hospital last week.

Now, Kiersten is on the road to recovery. One fitting message on Facebook read: Go #supergirl!

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