Joyce Mitchell Allegedly Had Sex With Prison Escapee David Sweat More Than 100 Times

New allegations are arising saying Joyce Mitchell had sex with prison escapee David Sweat more than 100 times.

There are disturbing new allegations about the prison worker who helped those two convicts escape.

A former inmate is claiming Joyce Mitchell would regularly disappear into a stock room for 30 minutes with convicted cop killer David Sweat after a shift in the prison tailor shop.

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Erik Jensen, who served nine month in Dannemora for parole violation was quoted as saying: "She was doing sexual favors for him.” He also said, “Everyone used to joke with him that he was getting his quiet time with his 'boo,' his girlfriend. It was like the running joke of the tailor shop." [Source: New York Post]

She is said to have had sex with Sweat more than 100 times.

The 51-year-old mom is also under investigation for having inappropriate relations with several other prisoners beside escapees David Sweat and Richard Matt.

The new claims come just a day after Joyce’s husband, Lyle, told the Today show she denies having sex with prisoners.

He was asked, “One of the other headlines that came out Lyle, was that your wife had had sexual relations with one or both of these inmates.”

Lyle said, “Absolutely not! She swore on her son's life that ‘I never ever had sex with them.’”

But the New York Post headline today reads: “Uh, Sorry Lyle. She Lied To You.”

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Prosecutors say Joyce Mitchell admitted smuggling tools used in the escape by hiding them in packs of hamburger meat.

Meanwhile, the search for the two fugitives continues in dense woods less than 50 miles from the prison.

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