Unbelievable! Dad Catches Baseball While Holding and Feeding Baby

One father shockingly caught a baseball during a Cub's game while feeding his baby boy.

What a catch! A Chicago dad celebrated an impressive balancing act when he caught a foul ball at Tuesday night's Cubs game at Wrigley Field while holding and feeding his baby boy!

And best of all - he didn’t spill a drop!

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INSIDE EDITION caught up with Keith Hartley, his wife Kari, and seven-month-old Isaac from their home in Chicago.

He said, "It was pretty instinctual to try and protect the little guy, here, and it just floated my way and I reached out and found something." 

Not everyone is celebrating Keith’s amazing catch. The announcers and the ballplayers are mad.

One announcer said, “There are bigger things in life than a foul ball. That's unbelievable!”

Keith reached into the field of play to grab the ball. Snatching it before the first baseman could.

The announcer gave the play by play as it happened, “Took it out of his glove!"

They wanted him thrown out of the park for interfering with the game.

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Keith said, "They decided to show some mercy in our case and let us stay. I certainly do appreciate the grace."

Moms are multi-tasking at the ballpark too! One mom caught a foul ball while holding her toddler at an Angels game Sunday.

As for Keith, he's got a great story to tell baby Isaac when he gets a little older.

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