Disgraced Prison Employee Predicts: Joyce Mitchell Will Be on Suicide Watch, Go Through 'Really Tough' Times

Toby Dorr, who served time for helping an inmate and ex-lover escape, discusses what Joyce Mitchell is probably going through given her similar experience.

One woman can relate to Joyce Mitchell, the disgraced prison employee now behind bars after being accused of assisting two killers escape from prison.

Nine years ago, Toby Dorr was also in the national spotlight making headlines for aiding the great escape of a cold-blooded killer she had fallen in love with.

Also like Joyce Mitchell, Dorr worked in a state prison running a volunteer program in Kansas where inmates taught obedience to abandoned dogs. It was there that she met, and fell hard, for a convicted murderer, John Maynard.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "Joyce's story is a tragic story."

Like Joyce Mitchell, Dorr herself was married. She says she fell victim to the inmate's "charms."

"He had an idea to break out of prison, and I thought that was just a great idea so I helped him escape. John Maynard was someone who paid attention to me, who picked up when I walked into the prison," she added.

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Dorr says she and her lover spent hours plotting the escape.

She said, "John and I talked about this escape and to me it seemed like a game, like some fantasy game. I never believed it was going to happen, even the day it did happen I didn't believed it was gonna happen."

Dorr smuggled the prisoner out by hiding him in a dog cage. They were on the run for 12 days, hiding out inside a cabin in rural Tennessee.

They were captured after a high-speed police chase. Dorr and her boyfriend were inside a white pickup truck. The chase ended with a crash into a ditch.

Dorr was in black and white prison stripes following her arrest. Sound familiar to Joyce Mitchell? The parallels amaze Dorr.

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Dorr said, "It's a totally foolish and unsensible act, so it can't ever be rationalized."

Not surprisingly, Dorr's husband filed for divorce. She was released from prison in 2008 after serving two years. She has remarried and started an Internet marketing firm.

She has insight into what lies ahead for Joyce Mitchell. She says, "Joyce's life is gonna be really hard, it's gonna be really tough. There's gonna be days when she doesn't even wanna get out of bed, they'll be days, probably, when she ends up on suicide watch just like I did. But I hope that she finds some peace."

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