Bear Swims Just Like a Kid and Loves to Belly Flop into Pool

One bear couldn't take the heat anymore and belly flopped into a pool to stay cool.

Bruiser the bear just loves to cool off in his swimming pool at the Single Vision Wildlife Sanctuary in Florida. Just like any kid, he climbs out and gracefully jumps right back in.

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Carl, who founded the organization, tells INSIDE EDITION that Bruiser has a pool in his enclosure and loves to swim with honey bear, a black bear. Bruiser is a Syrian Brown Bear and Carl says that there aren't many left in the wild. Carl got him as an education animal for his sanctuary and he has a ball playing in in the water.

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Carl even has lions and tigers at the sanctuary. He began Single Vision over 10 years ago, and the endangered species educational wildlife facility rescues, breeds and educates the public on the dangers that exotic wildlife faces all over the world.

If you would like to help the nonprofit sanctuary and learn more visit

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