Teen Who Made 'Flawless' Prom Dress: 'I Wanted It to Be a Symbol for African Heritage'

One teen made her own prom dress and now she is all the rage of the fashion world.

It's one of the most eye-catching prom dresses ever and the teen wearing it actually designed it herself!

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With its rich colors and billowing skirt, Kyemah McEntyre of East Orange, New Jersey, looks like she just stepped off a runway.

She said, “My entire personality is in this dress.”

USA Today calls the gown "Flawless" and Teen Vogue declared: “This might be the most epic #prom dress of the season.”

Who can forget Molly Ringwald stitching together her prom dress in the 80's classic, Pretty in Pink? It took McIntyre four months to sketch her dress.

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And the vibrant colors have a special meaning.

“I wanted the dress to come straight from Africa. I wanted it to be a symbol for African heritage,” she said.

No surprise here, the stunning creation clinched her the coveted title of prom queen!

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