Ex-Inmate: Flirty Joyce Mitchell Brought Killer David Sweat Barbecued Ribs, 'Big Chicken'

Ex-inmate Erik Jensen tells INSIDE EDITION about life in the N.Y. prison's honor block, where he says Joyce Mitchell brought David Sweat special meals.

Another prison worker has been charged with assisting in the escape of two convicted killers. 

Gene Palmer is accused of smuggling hacksaw blades to the two prisoners inside hamburger meat. He pled not guilty.

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“Even though he is facing charges he will continue to cooperate. He wants to see these two captured and put back where they belong,” said his lawyer.

Meanwhile, there are disturbing new allegations about what life is like for inmates housed in the prison's so-called “honor block.”

“It was very laid back, to the extent that you didn't feel like you were in actually one of the worst prisons in New York State,” said former inmate Erik Jensen. He said he witnessed the growing affection between cop-killer David Sweat and 51-year-old prison worker Joyce Mitchell.

“He would go and flirt with her talk with her, laugh with her,” he said. Mitchell and Sweat would regularly slip into a store room to have sex.

“One of us would see him come out and say, ‘Hey man, again? Don't you get tired?’”

Jensen said life in the honor block is like the scene in the classic movie, Goodfellas, where inmates have an easy life, good food and basically run the place.

A couple of officers in Clinton go deer hunting. They will bring in some venison. They'll go, ‘Here guys, cook this up. You know, fresh deer meat,” he said.

“What would Joyce bring David Sweat?” asked INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian.

After Labor Day, she brought in a big chicken, big thing of spare ribs or barbecue ribs, and there was all types of stuff from Labor Day barbecue,” said Jensen.

Authorities say they are ending the special privileges of inmates in the wake of the great escape.

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