Miss USA Pageant Hosts Quit after Donald Trump's Controversial Remarks

After Donald Trump's remarks calling Mexican immigrants 'rapists' during his presidential run, he is facing more fallout from Univision over the Miss USA.

The fallout continues for Donald Trump as the co-hosts of the Spanish-language simulcast of the Miss USA pageant quit.

Actor Cristian de la Fuente, who is Chilean, posted a video on Facebook directly addressing Trump.

In the video, he said, “Mr. Trump, It is unacceptable to launch your presidential candidacy creating rhetoric of hatred and discrimination in calling Mexicans drug dealers and rapists. It's a shame that such an important institution as Miss USA is now in the hands of a clown.”

INSIDE EDITION’s Diane McInerney asked him, “You called him a clown?”

He replied, “I think calling his that is a disrespect to anyone that is a clown.”

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Trump hit back today and said, “As far as he is concerned he's getting publicity. I've never even heard of him.”

Co-host Roselyn Sanchez, who is Puerto Rican, tweeted: "I don't tolerate the disrespectful and hurtful words that came out of Mr. Trump's mouth."

The pageant will air on NBC but on Thursday night, anchorman Lester Holt distanced the network from Trump in a statement on Nightly News. He said, “NBC Universal system a partner in the pageant organization with Donald Trump and earlier today NBC issued a statement saying Donald Trump's onions do not represent those of NBC and we do not agree with his positions on a number of issues including his recent comments on immigration.”

NBC is reportedly "evaluating its commitment to the Miss USA pageant" as the fallout over Donald Trump's incendiary remarks about Mexicans continues.

Trump tweeted: 

He also accused the Mexican government of pressuring Univision "to get me to stop - no way!"

Trump spoke about the Univision controversy to Fox News' Gretchen Carlson on Thursday.

She asked him, "You say you are going to sue them because you have a signed contract." 

"Of course I have a signed contract. Five years after paying me almost $15 million, I have a signed contract. They can't do this! They called me up today and apologized, they didn't even know what to say," he said. 

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Ironically, the current Miss USA, Nia Sanchez, is of Mexican heritage.

Miss California, Natasha Martinez, who is of Mexican descent, says she was upset by Trump's remarks but she will continue to participate in the Miss USA pageant. She said, “I think it's important to shift the focus from what was said about Latinos to what is going on in the world and have compassion for everyone that lives here.”

The pageant will be hosted by former Dancing with the Stars dancer Cheryl Burke and MSNBC's Thomas Roberts.

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