Hourglass? Athletic? Curvy? Find the Perfect, Figure-Flattering Bathing Suit for Your Body

Now that it's summer, INSIDE EDITION brings you tips from a fashion stylist on picking the best swimsuit for your body type.

Athletic, hourglass, or curvy -- Which suit suits your body?

INSIDE EDITION headed to the Gansevoort Hotel in New York City where fashion journalist Katrina Szish showed us figure flattering styles.

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She said, “Shopping for a swimsuit can be one of the most overwhelming challenges to face every woman.”

An hourglass figure has broad shoulders, a narrow waist and curvy hips.

“I went for a halter neckline on her because it's all the rage this season, and it really draws attention to her face. Also, a lower cut bikini bottom is great because it shows off the natural curvature of her waist,” said Szish.

Curvy girls should look for gathered details along the waistline.

New mom Rebekah Peschel just had a baby seven weeks ago. She said, “My body's not quite the same. It's great that I found a suit that's holding me in all the right spots.”

Over at Bloomingdale’s, fashion director Brooke Jaffe showed us the new technology inside swimsuits making perfect for curvy girls.

She said, “The suit really is magic, the fabrication is extremely elastic and durable. When you put it on you see it's got a lot of stretch.”

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Finally, athletic body types are muscular with little or no curves.

Szish said, “Athletic body types tend to be a little bit more boyish and need a little bit more curve appeal and ruffles definitely do that. This asymmetrical neckline with the ruffle is a great way to draw attention to the bust line and also to enhance it.”

Model Abeba Davis said, “This swimsuit makes me feel so tropical and sexy. I love my little curves, I'm like okay, and I’ve got some hips now. I love it!”

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