Criss Angel Saves Life of Fellow Magician: Holding Your Breath for 4 Minutes 'Not an Illusion'

During rehearsal for the dangerous stunt, magician Spencer Horsman lost consciousness and almost drowned, but Criss Angel came to his rescue.

A dangerous trick went terribly wrong when an escape artist drowned inside a tank filled with water. Renowned magician Criss Angel scrambled to rescue entertainer Spencer Horsman in the tank.

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Horsman tackled a similar stunt as a contestant on America's Got Talent in 2012.

But his luck nearly ran out Wednesday night during a rehearsal at the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut for a Criss Angel show. Horsman was part of the act. He was suspended 30 feet above the stage. He was supposed to escape. Instead, he slipped into unconsciousness and was drowning.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Angel, who said, "I've been in trouble doing escapes and I know the telltale signs are. When you're holding your breath for four minutes long, that's not an illusion."

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It was a race against death as Angel climbed up the metal chains as the tank was lowered. 

Angel said, "His mind is saying he can do it but his body is saying I'm tired I can't do this now. I just want to tell all the kids that are watching -- never try anything like this. Please!"

The good news is that Horsman is recovering and plans to perform his death defying stunt again.

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