Are Terrorists Plotting to Attack America on July 4?

Following the terrorist attacks in France, Tunisia, and Kuwait, U.S. law enforcement is bracing for a possible attack.

Law enforcement is bracing for the Fourth of July amid concern that Independence Day is a prime target for terrorism.

Fears have only been heightened following Friday's attacks on three continents.

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Security expert Paul Viollis told INSIDE EDITION that heightened security as Independence Day approaches will likely mean delays for many of us.

“If they are going to be coming to events on the Fourth of July, there will be bag serarches, there may be canine units. And we have to understand, security doesn't necessarily come with convenience,” he said. 

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The last terror attack in America took place last month at a controversial art show in Texas.

Ever since, police on U.S. soil have been rounding up homegrown terror suspects.
“The United States has never faced such a severe lone-wolf terrorism threat. There have been scores of arrests,” Max Abrahms, professor of political science at Northeastern University, told INSIDE EDITION.

“I wouldn't be at all surprised if Islamic state sympathizers in the West tried to attack the United States on July 4. It would really poke the United States in the eye by attacking on that day," he said.

As the world reels from these new outrages, Viollis said Americans should never forget one important thing. “The simplest thing that we can do as citizens here in this country is, if you see something and it doesn't look right, report it. Don't think it's a stupid question because it's not,” said Viollis.

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