After Near-Death Stunt, Magician Spencer Horsman Back Performing at Criss Angel Show

Spencer Horsmann nearly died practicing a stunt last week, but he's now back on stage for Criss Angel's latest shows.

Spencer Horsman is the escape artist who nearly lost his life when a dangerous stunt went horribly wrong.

He told INSIDE EDITION, “I thought I could handle it, push myself, and my body couldn't handle it.”

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Horsman's luck almost ran out during a rehearsal last week at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. He's part of Criss Angel's team of "Supernaturalists." He was suspended above the stage inside a cube filled with 100 gallons of water.

“I am being restrained in 25 feet with a chain, over a dozen padlocks, a set of handcuffs, ankle shackles. And this is raised over 20 feet above the stage. And spinning. The idea is to work my way out in an orderly fashion,” he said about the stunt. 

But he blacked out and found himself drowning.

Magician Krystyn Lambert watched in horror from backstage as the stunt went wrong. She said, “It was terrifying, absolutely terrifying.”

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Then, the star of the show sprang into action.

“He kind of went limp and I knew he was in trouble,” said Criss Angel.

Angel leaped on top of the box, threw the lid open, and reached in to save his friend's life.

Horsman is already back performing the death-defying trick. He says he will be forever grateful to his mentor for pulling him out in the nick of time.

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