Watch Giant Grizzly Bear Try to Climb Into Car With Terrified 7-Year-Old Girl

While driving in Yellowstone National Park, a family got the shock of their lives as a grizzly bear tried to climb in their car.

A giant grizzly was just itching to get into one family's car. 

Seven-year-old Elise Beale was in the car and her parents anxiously watched the terrifying encounter from their car while Elise sat in their friends’ SUV up ahead.

Video of the incident starts with the family and friends outside the vehicle, shooting the bear from a safe distance in Yellowstone National Park in Montana.

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Suddenly, the grizzly headed straight for them and they ran straight back to the car. The bear reared up and peered in.

At first, the family and their friends are excited to be so close to the beast. But when the grizzly started to explore, it got scary. The family began screaming and someone pointed out, “Look at his claws!”

Then the bear explored the other side and his claws rubbed across the windshield. Finally, the bear has had enough. No lunch from these guys. The family heaves a sigh of relief.

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Elise told INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander, "I remember seeing his claws. They were like six inches."

Alexander asked, "Were you scared?"

She said, "I was really scared."

Elise's mom then summed it up saying, "When there is a wild animal looking through the window of the car your little daughter is in, you are going to be nervous."  

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