For the First Time Ever A Wallaby Raises Orphaned Kangaroo in its Pouch

An Australian zoo made history by taking a orphaned kangaroo and used a wallaby as its surrogate.

The Adelaide Zoo in Australia is making history by saving the life of an orphaned tree kangaroo by using a surrogate wallaby mother. Little Makai was only 47 days old when a fallen tree branch killed his mother. He was too young to be raised by hand, so they placed the joey into the pouch of the wallaby.

Gayl Males, team leader of natives at the zoo said, “We just thought we had to try something. The zoo is famous for its foster program and although it has never been done in completely unrelated species before, it was just something we had to try.”

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Makai is eight months old now and doing great! He gets formula feedings from the zoo and is being taken care of by Gayl who even takes him home with her.

“Sometimes he gets naughty. Sometimes he gets time out and put into a room when he gets a bit rough,” said Gayl.

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It's so adorable watching the joey jump around Gayl’s house and that they were able to give him a second chance at life.

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